Premium Quality Put to the Test.

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to quality. Our kitchens are subjected to extensive testing in our company's own laboratory. Each and every component undergoes testing and must stand up to the most extreme conditions. Only materials and component parts that have passed the tests are accepted into the new collection.

Climatic testing.

noblessa kitchens are at home everywhere in the world. This means that they have to deal with different types of climatic stresses. These different conditions are simulated in the climatic exposure test cabinet and the tested component parts are subjected to an artificial ageing process. The goal: high levels of resistance even in extreme climatic conditions.

Functionality test.

A noblessa kitchen needs to function as perfectly after 15 years as it did on the very first day. It is for this reason that we carry out endurance tests on the movable component parts. And in many cases, this is a lot longer than is actually required. When testing the drawers and pull-outs, we were only satisfied after 80,000 repetitions had been completed – instead of the 60,000 repetitions required by the standard. This is merely one of many examples.

Water and steam resistance test.

Whether it be water on the worktop or steam when cooking: noblessa kitchens must be consistently resistant to the normal moisture that is part of everyday life of a kitchen. And it is for this reason that we test all the components of the kitchen in various procedures, such as, for example, the steam-resistance tests and the water-bath test.

Surface tests.

The kitchen is at the heart of life and is subjected to many stresses on a daily basis. Only the best-quality surfaces can stand up to this. This means that we also subject the surfaces to the widest variety of extremely tough chemical and mechanical tests. We expose the surfaces to aggressive and colouring substances such as chemical cleaning agents, acetic acid or coffee and simulate the rate of wear of handles many 10,000 times.

Colour test.

Our kitchen fronts should not lose any of their luxury elegance even after many years. And it is for this reason that we subject the surfaces to these tough stress tests: We irradiate them with extremely strong Xenon light and so make them age artificially – a whole 15 years in only 270 hours. In this way we can guarantee that a noblessa kitchen will not lose any of its value even after many years.

Our tests are very often far more demanding than what is actually required by the DIN and DGM standards. It is in this way that noblessa kitchens set themselves apart from the rest; with a service life that is well above average and a guarantee of excellent quality.

Oliver Wessel
Director QC Laboratory