736 kitchens // Range: Goethe 555, Lacquer, sand high gloss

Pure luxury in the desert

On former desert land, 28 km south-west of Dubai, stand 50 artificial islands: JUMEIRAH ISLANDS. Surrounded by waterfalls, narrow stretches of canal and lagoons, there are residences in an extremely wide variety of European, Arabic and Asiatic dwelling styles.

Finest German kitchens on JUMEIRAH ISLANDS

Together with the 50 artificial islands, villas and residences on JUMEIRAH ISLANDS, 736 designer kitchens from noblessa have also grown from the desert sands. All from the Goethe range with lacquered fronts in sand high gloss. JUMEIRAH ISLANDS is a project of Nakheel Real Estate.

Other references

Platform Merter, 2013 (Istanbul)

323 kitchens // Range: Humboldt 453, Black high gloss

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Abbey Beach Resort, 2012 (Perth)

69 kitchens // Range: Goethe 555, Lacquer, white high gloss

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