Schiller range

Reduced shapes enhance the interaction of a balanced concrete and wooden look. Urban style is at home in the Schiller range: straight-lined, puristic front geometries and concrete look finishes. Interspersed with wood reproductions, this expresses delightfully the heart of urban living: a fascinating juxtaposition of diverse textures side by side and intertwined.
The Schiller range offers six different finish variations. As distinct as each of these is, they all have one thing in common: The authentic replication of natural surfaces. The Schiller range is available in the finishes: Sanremo oak reproduction, Ontario oak reproduction, Montana pine reproduction, Concrete Slate Grey reproduction, Concrete grey reproduction and White Concrete reproduction. Such diversity allows you to design a kitchen exactly as you like it. The high quality fronts are easy care and stand up very well to everyday kitchen use. With the Schiller range you also have your choice of various handles or the even more puristic handleless variation of LineN.

Schiller, Concrete Grey reproduction

Maximum puristic style for open plan living.

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Schiller, Concrete Slate Grey reproduction

Industrial style meets urban living.

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Schiller, LineN Grey
Schiller, Slate grey