Leaders in kitchen production.

noblessa kitchens benefit from the production capabilities of Europe's biggest kitchen manufacturer. Kitchens are created here with a high degree of automation and according to the highest German quality standards. Thanks to a capacity of 2,600 kitchens a day, extensive orders can also be promptly realised.

Front Production.

Our fronts are produced with the highest precision, then manually checked, finished and polished.

Carcase Production.

The carcase parts are checked by means of the innovative "Colour-Brain" system: a highly sensitive laser scanning with an optical comparison by camera system. More reliable than the human eye, it discovers little flaws and helps us to ensure the very highest quality.

Drawer Manufacturing.

We produce our Profi+ drawer system in an innovative process that guarantees us the highest process reliability. This includes highly precise and fully automatic robot production and laser scanners for quality checking. The parallel production of the drawer box and drilling of the drawer front permits simultaneous final assembly.

High Rack Warehouse.

Our highly modern, automated warehousing is perfectly incorporated into our logistical processes and offers an impressive capacity: up to 80,000 warehouse places are available in our two factories. The warehouses are also planned according to sustainability criteria and are thus particularly energy-efficient. Frequently required parts are stored further forward to save energy, and the braking energy of the computer-guided warehouse storage devices is used to produce electricity.

Front Commissioning.

Using the most modern bar-code scanner technology, our employees commission each front exactly according to the order. The basis of the highest certainty of allocation and customer-specific production.

Bar Handle Production.

The milling of the profiles and grooves is automatic and the later sealing is carried out by hand. In this combination, we ensure the highest quality with our bar handles.