Germany at its best.

A noblessa kitchen combines the best from Germany: fine design, carefully selected materials, high-quality features, perfection right down to the details.

Quality in every detail.

Our premium kitchens are developed, designed and produced by people who care about quality more than anything else. Manufactured in Germany's most modern factories. Brought to perfection with luxurious and award-winning details in the interior fittings and fixture technology.

Experience meets innovation.

noblessa draws upon the experience and innovative capability of Europe's biggest kitchen manufacturer – nobilia: here, for 70 years, people have been making kitchens better and customers more satisfied. Every nobilia kitchen is thus a masterpiece of German kitchen-building skill.

Luxury you can touch.

You can feel noblessa's unique standards: every time you open a cupboard door, close a drawer or simply run your hand across one of our fine surfaces.

With noblessa, kitchen, cooking and living become a luxurious pleasure – made in Germany.